How to catch the trendy of NFT? The potential of Finannel is emerging

If DeFi is the most well-deserved hot spot of the blockchain industry in 2020, since all kinds of liquidity mining gradually stabilize, where is the next booster to ignite the market? NFT must be one of the words that appear in your mind.

What is NFT?

Speaking of NFT, most people’s first impression is the CryptoKitties that swept the world in 2017. Indeed, the concept of NFT was recognized on a large scale for the first time, dating back to the end of 2017, CryptoKitties played a vital role. The cat #896775 was sold for 600 ETH, which is about 270,000 US dollars; in the following two years, despite the value of tokens of most projects in the currency market is gradually falling, but the niche market of NFT never died down. From games to encrypted arts, domain names, cards, and other aspects, technological developments and artistic creations are always moving forward, and finally gained attention again in 2020!

NFT trading market overview

The NFT trading platform controls user resources and entrances. Facing the potential for exponential growth in the future, the NFT trading platform has undoubtedly become one of the most-watched tracks in this segment. Judging from global market data, Rarible and OpenSea are currently the largest and most popular NFT trading markets in the world.

OpenSea is an NFT trading market built on Ethereum. It was established in January 2018. Users can buy, sell, and auction NFTs on OpenSea. More than 10 million assets have been launched, including hundreds of categories such as website domain names, virtual worlds, artworks, and collectibles. Rarible is also a trading market based on the Ethereum network. Its RARI token has significantly promoted the market’s popularity and value growth.

Collections on Opensea

Unfortunately, NFT has emerged from a niche circle, and the growth potential of the Chinese market has not been taken seriously in the past. The first two platforms are not friendly to Chinese users. The recent NFT trading market Finannel is more friendly to Chinese players and deserves more attention.

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Finannel’s potential is emerging

Support ERC721, ERC1155, and other protocols

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Low gas fee

From virtual to reality, the NFT market is prosperous in the future

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